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Reminder to myself ✨


Overnight, yesterday’s thoughts and emotions become covered by a thin layer of dust. If in the morning the true desires and aspirations don’t get some attention, later during the day, they will be crushed under a load of everyday scurry and the next morning they will be covered with another layer of dust. And thus, the dreams will lie, tarnishing, until soon they will not be distinguished from all the meaningless and endless everyday affairs.

Someday you will reach out for that dusty box, covered with cobwebs, open it and look at all your secret desires and unfulfilled dreams from long ago and heart will ache: ”Oh, how young we were, how sincerely we dreamt…” Then you will put the box back into the corner again, to be covered further by more layers of daily hassles.

That is why it is most important, that every morning, you carefully wipe the dust off your innermost desires so that they shine like beacons and illuminate your path throughout the day and fill your life with magic energy.


In other words, every morning you should wake up not only your body but also your feelings and deepest desires: wake them up, tickle your imagination, absorb their energy and only then, full of inspiration, should you start your day!


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